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...wants to help you get lean & toned in just 3 weeks by working out from home before the festive season begins!


The ONLINE 21 Day Body Transformation challenge has been developed with thorough research and is 100% backed by science. During this challenge, you will be performing Strength & Conditioning workouts which will promote fat loss while gaining lean muscles at the same time. This program is meant for both Beginners & the Advanced as all the exercises throughout the 21 days will be performed in both levels of difficulty. Best part is that you can perform all of the workouts at the comfort of your home or in your own preferred gym.

Depending on how diligently you follow the workouts throughout the 21 days, you can expect the following results - 
  • Leaner Body - S&C workouts has elements from High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that will promote fat loss.
  • Body Toning - S&C also promotes muscle gain which will help in toning your body.
  • Agility - By the end of 21 days of training, you will also see a boost in your body alertness.
  • ​​Mobility - The training program incorporates elements that promotes body flexibility as well.
  • ​​Strength - All the muscle groups in your body will be put under monitored stress during the training hence enhancing your overall body strength.


The ONLINE 21 Day Body Transformation Challenge is designed in a way to help you lose your excess body fat while simultaneously gaining lean muscle mass. This method is also known as Body Recomposition. Throughout the 21 days, you will be able to experience Strength & Conditioning workouts at its best. You can perform all of these workouts from your home or your gym. Key elements of the training program - 
  • Functional Cardio & HIIT ​to promote faster fat loss
  • Bodyweight & Dumbbell Training for gaining muscle mass
  • Intermediate Powerlifting for overall strength
  • Core Training for stronger abs
  • Mobility Training for strengthening joints and relief from body aches
  • ​Minor elements from Yoga & Meditation for boosting immunity, body flexibility and mental strength.


We at NECMERactive really take our clients' well being seriously. We strive to create workout & diet programs that are effective and give our clients the results that they want. While doing that, we try to make the entire process as enjoyable and fun as possible. You will be relieved to know that unlike other fitness brands, we actually spend months studying and researching before releasing any workout program to our clients. All our trainers and the academy designing our workout programs hold certificates that are recognized Internationally. We do not tell this to impress you but to show you how much we care for your health and  your fitness goals. We aim to be the world's #1 Fitness Brand within the next 10 years with both our Online & Offline presence and we are taking all the necessary steps for that early on. That said, we are excited for you to join our NECMERactive family and be a part of this vibrant fitness community.



Snjezana Gentile

Nutritionist & Entrepreneur;
Mannheim (Germany)

I am in love with the amazing workout programs NECMERactive has been developing and really very satisfied with their Body Transformation Challenge. The sessions are really very fun and at the same time intense so you can be sure to get your desired results.

Julie Mahannah

RTT Coach & Entrepreneur;
California (US)

What I love about NECMERactive's programs is that they are truly customizable for all sort of fitness goals. I am excited to know what the 21 Day Body Transformation Challenge holds for me.

Dr. Amit Kr. Talukdar

Dent. Surgeon & Fitness Influencer;
Assam (IN) 

I being a Fitness Professional know what an effective workout program looks like and I am truly amazed by the type of research NECMERactive puts into designing these programs. For anyone participating in this 14 Day Body Transformation Challenge; I can say that if you follow their guidance properly and are diligent with your training then you can expect some great results.

Rupda RY

Fitness Trainer & Consultant;
Bangalore (IN)

 Awesome training programs. Loved the fact that each program they have developed are result driven and client requirement focused. And did I mention how fun they are??? :P A huge shoutout to the entire team for the great job done.

Songashim Runsgsung

Model & Fashion Influencer;
Bangalore (IN)

 As a fitness enthusiast myself, I try to experience different workout programs and by far I found NECMERactive's programs to be the best. All of their programs are science backed and not only are interesting but also very effective. Highly recommend their programs.

Shahil Lama

Finalist Mr. Sikkim 2018;
Sikkim (IN)

Last month NECMERactive reached out to me and presented their amazing plan for the 21 Day Body Transformation Challenge. I was literally amazed to see the elaborate planning they had done to give the participants their desired results. I wish the team all the very best.

Anushka Kharka

Engineer & Model;
Sikkim (IN)

I have been following NECMERactive's fitness advice and their workout programs since sometime now and I really found them helpful. I am really excited for the next version of their 14 Day Body Transformation Challenge.

Vindhya Dhamala

Engineer & Fashion Influencer;
Sikkim (IN)

 Staying at home got me out of my fitness routine and I gained a lot of body fat. During that time NECMERactive provided me with a diet & workout plan that was really effective in toning my body. Now, I am ready to take part in the 14 Day Body Transformation Challenge and I highly recommend everyone to join too.


Where will the trainings take place?
All the trainings will take place through Facebook Live. Once you sign up for the program for FREE, you will receive the link for the Facebook Group in the Thank You page where we will hold all the training sessions.

Can I perform the workouts from home?
All the workouts in the challenge have been developed in such a way that they can be easily performed from home as well as from a gym.
 What is the catch? Are there any hidden costs?
Nope, there aren't any hidden costs here. The entire program is being offered for FREE for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

How can I reach the admins if I have questions or need advice on something?
You can reach out on our email "" OR better on our instagram "". We will try our best to answer all your queries and try to give you the best experience.

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